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A comprehensive overview of your revenue generation and profit optimization strategies. All companies have hidden profit assets that in many cases remain hidden and as a result they are not harvested and added to the bottom line. Many times these assets include client bases that are underdeveloped, ineffective processes that can be optimized, operational inefficiencies, buying and negotiation strategies and employee/management processes that result in incomplete cycles. These inefficiencies keep you on the fast track to nowhere and ultimately vaporize your profits.

  • Buying – Almost all companies fail to regularly review their vendor relationships and are afraid to demand more from their vendors once a relationship is established, but it is mandatory that you challenge all assumptions, prices and delivery options regularly to maximize profitability. Our team will evaluate your major relationships to help find savings and ultimately profit. We'll also show your buyers how to ask powerful and penetrating questions that get past the presentation and into the core realities of sales presentations so you can be confident you are getting the best deal every time you purchase.
  • Negotiation – Learn how to negotiate with power and authority. Negotiation is a win/win game, but what does that mean? The truth is, negotiation is getting the best and most profitable return on any investment you make. Learn how to gather the information you need to put yourself at a powerful advantage and you develop the price, schedule and delivery of products or services you buy. You’ll also learn how to effectively negotiate when you are selling your products or services.
  • Facilitation and Culture Change – Many companies need to make core changes inside their organization in order to optimize their organizations. Our experts will lead you through a change strategy that will create buy in at all levels of your team. Professional facilitation of meetings and implementation initiatives ensures maximum participation of employees and management along with development of measurable events to calculate the effectiveness of your culture shift.
  • Integration – Most companies make changes in departments that fail because they don't have an integration plan to show other departments or employees how they will be impacted by changes and how they will be expected to act and interact with the new processes. Our team will lead you through the development of powerful integration strategies that cross all appropriate departmental boundaries.

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