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Radio Advertising -- Does it really work?


This program challenges your weaknesses, shares current best practices and helps you develop a marketing strategy that reaches the clients you want and compels them to action.

  • Marketing Overhaul A complete review of your current market, competition, strategy and implementation. Designed to find the holes where your marketing dollars slip away and create strategy that will improve your current marketing return on investment.
  • Exposure Where the best minds in your organization and customer base create your next breakthroughs in marketing. Learn what is TRULY unique about you and your company and how to present it.
  • Advertising Negotiation You are likely overspending on advertising today, our detailed analysis will show you how to maximize the return on every dollar you spend. No matter what any advertising or ad agency salesperson tells you, advertising is a quantifiable measurable event and if the money you spend doesn't get a measurable return, you need to stop spending it or move it to a more profitable venue.
  • Breakthrough Creativity Series A session designed to smash through the barriers of business problems and customer response dead ends. Learn how to use Rapid Ideation Processingsm to find powerful solutions fast.
  • Interim Marketing Management Let our team of professionals manage your marketing team, get the benefit of professional marketing management without the high overhead of hiring a senior level manager.
  • Client Retention, Acquisition and Maximization Strategy Complete evaluation of your current customer acquisition strategy, followed by creation of a comprehensive tactical plan engineered to increase new client acquisition and their movement through a long term client retention strategy so you can maximize the income from each client in a methodical, predictive manner. This will provide you with an integrated marketing and sales plan, giving you the most powerful weapon in your industry.

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