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What If Everything You Thought You Knew About Marketing And Advertising Was A Lie?

For the past twenty years I've been carefully studying what makes marketing effective. And, despite what traditional ad agencies and media salespeople would like you to think, the only thing that separates good marketing from bad is predictable, profitable performance.

WARNING: If you've ever received any of the following "advice" or thought any of these things about marketing or advertising, then you need to read every word on this page carefully . . . before you waste any more money or lose clients unnecessarily.

  • "You just need to get your name out there"
  • "You can't really measure return on advertising expenditure, advertising is a long term commitment, you just have to do it"
  • "50% of my advertising doesn't work . . . I just don't know which 50%"
  • "Word of mouth marketing is the best marketing"
  • "I've tried radio, television, newspapers and direct mail, nothing works"
  • "My competitors keep slashing their prices and I have to keep pace or people just won't buy from me"
  • "My ads don't work"
  • "Nothing I do really works, but I have to keep my name out there or I'll lose the business I have"
  • "You need funny ads to get people's attention"
  • "Whether I advertise or not, I get the same amount of business"
  • "My business is local, I don't need a website or online advertising"
  • "I've studied every advertising and marketing guru out there, nothing they say works"
  • "I can't afford to advertise"

I've owned ten different businesses including the one I own today. I've owned computer retail stores, bars, security companies, pre-employment testing companies, ad agencies and business consulting firms. My wife and I currently own two day spas as well. I've also worked with clients in more than 300 different industries.

In the early days, in all of those businesses that I owned, I tested every bit of marketing advice I could find using my own money. Let me tell you a secret (that I probably don't need to tell you) there is nothing like the experience you get from investing your own money into bad advertising. In the early days, much of the money I spent was wasted, I needed clients fast and the best advice I could get was that I just needed to get my name out there in front of enough people.


My name was everywhere and people were still not buying enough to make the investment in advertising and marketing profitable. Something had to change. And it did. I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

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In addition to testing, I was (and still am) an avid student of marketing. In fact, over the past fifteen years, I've put myself through more than $300,000.00 worth of post graduate, marketing, advertising and sales training. During that time, I began to break things down to their simplest form. I forgot about all the hype, the fluff, the creative stuff and I got laser focused on why things worked and why they didn't, the result of that study and testing is the core of Making Marketing Work.

But, before I tell you more about Making Marketing Work, do you want to know one of the most interesting things I learned? Most of the people who are teaching marketing and advertising today have never risked one thin dime of their own money testing the ideas they teach. And yet, they are MORE than happy to take your money and tell you how to spend yours. That simply doesn't make sense to me. It is a little like going to the doctor who tells you he has read the books and looked at the videos, but you'll be the first person he has ever operated on. . . and there won't be anyone there to check out his work either.

That's just crazy.


I distinctly remember the day I said those words (have you ever said that?). I began to look at what had really worked in my businesses, and I began testing those again and again. I identified the 18 biggest mistakes in marketing your business and what you must do to make marketing profitable. These are not mistakes anyone will share with you because the biggest majority of “marketing gurus” in the world do not know what they are and even if they do, they don't understand how to correct them. But I'll show you exactly how to correct them and how you can make your marketing profitable.


I started thinking about what I'd done to make every one of my businesses successful and all of my marketing profitable. I looked at what I was doing for all of my current clients who are paying me hundreds of thousands of dollars to get predictable, profitable marketing results for their businesses so they can grow fast. At the end of the day, I knew what I had to do for you and exactly how to do it.

I needed to download my very best ideas, thoughts and strategies into one simple session that you could listen to and apply immediately. The very ideas that I would implement if my very last dime was on the line and my livelihood depended on it. These are the ideas I'd use if I had a small budget and it had to make money . . . fast.

I use these very same ideas and processes today and EVERY DOLLAR I SPEND TODAY GENERATES A SIGNIFICANT PROFIT and yours can too.


The challenge facing all marketing and advertising today is really very simple, and the formula for making marketing work is too. Let me explain the formula to you:

  1. Be persuasive – Talking frogs just don't do it. I don't know about you, but I've never been persuaded to do anything by a frog or a cartoon for that matter. Your marketing must persuade the buyer, it must evoke emotion and it must cause them to take action, first in their mind then with their wallet (more about that in the audio book).
  2. Be relevant– Most marketing is not relevant to the person receiving the message, focusing your message specifically to the intended audience, not anyone that might see it makes marketing work. How much spam and untargeted junk mail do you throw out every day?
  3. Give them permission and tell them what to do next – The take action component of most marketing is missing or under accomplished. Learn what you MUST say in every marketing piece whether written, online, radio, television or newspaper.
  4. Be Consistent, but with the same person - Let me ask you, would you rather convince 10 people 100% of the way or 1000 people 10% of the way? You'll learn why you should only buy media where and when you can afford to convince your audience 100% of the way. (This flies in the face of current media sales "best practices."
  5. Measure your results and fine tune - If your effort isn't working, you MUST know why. I'll show you exactly how to tell what to do next whether your marketing efforts are brilliant, average or even lackluster. These next steps will ultimately determine success or failure.
  6. Get Your Copy Of Making Marketing Work Now


    So with that in mind, I went to work and developed the Making Marketing Work Audio Book for you. I chose audio for a very specific reason. It is the easiest and fastest way to learn. You can slip it into your CD player at home, in the car or in your PC and you are getting the lessons delivered in the most effective learning format possible. If you read my bio elsewhere on the site, you also know I'm a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming. The audio is designed to drive the messages and processes home at the deepest levels so you can implement them without even thinking. They'll become second nature to you. I've also made the price so ridiculously low that virtually anyone can afford it and here is why.

    You are reading this because you need more customers now. You need to make your marketing, advertising and public relations pay. The last thing you want to do is throw more good money after bad. So that is the first reason I made the price so low ($29.95). Take a look at just a few of the things you'll learn within the first few moments of listening:

    • How the buyers brain works, why most of your ads are going into their “inattentional blind spot, and how to correct the problem instantly.”
    • The secret sales words you must know to make people take action now
    • How and why you must build a brand whether you are a small local business or a large multinational corporation
    • The secrets of media negotiation that ad reps hope you never discover
    • How to create a flood of qualified customers regardless of your budget
    • How word of mouth marketing really works and how to get it working for you
    • The 18 marketing mistakes every small and mid sized business is making today
    • Get Your Copy Of Making Marketing Work Now

      PRICE: $29.95 + 12 Month Money Back Guarantee

      GUARANTEE - If you don't make back at least 100X your investment when you implement the strategy and tactics you'll learn in this audiobook, send it back and I'll refund your $29.95 immediately. Just send it back with a note telling me what you implemented in your business that didn't work for my records.

      I know what you are thinking right now. This guy is a marketer, so here comes the catch. Well, there isn't really a catch, but there are a couple ideas and beliefs that I have. First, I want you to be successful. I know that if I help you do that now, that as you grow you'll know when it is time to work with me again. Getting you my best information now is the best way I know to insure that you succeed and can purchase other things from me in the future. Does that make sense? I know that if I help you grow now, you'll reward me with your business later. You may hire me to do your marketing, your advertising, your PR or to help you implement some of my Business Acceleration Strategies. So with that in mind, I set the price at $29.95 and put it out there. The other reason I made the price so low was to find out how serious you are about making your business profitable. If you can't make a $29.95 investment in your business and learn AT LEAST one thing that will earn you ten times that investment, you probably shouldn't be in business and you certainly shouldn't buy this CD. But, you've read this far already so I know you are committed and now it is time to take action . . . and you can.

      Virtually everyone in my company and most of my colleagues thinks I've under priced this audio book and have begged me to either raise the price or take it off the market. They are afraid that by giving away all of this information that I'll keep you from buying our services, that you'll just go out and do it yourself. I just don't believe it. Like I said earlier, I believe that if I help you, I know you'll reward me with more of your business in the future. My employees aren't so sure (that's why I'm the entrepreneur and they are not) but I'm willing to take that gamble.

      Before I let you go, let me share a few more of the things that I'll teach you in the audio book:

      • More than 15 precise steps to making marketing work for you right now
      • How to truly compete with commodity products and what you are doing right now that is destroying the price and value of your product
      • How to persuade with ruthless effectiveness
      • Sales secrets that compel people to buy from you
      • How to keep people coming back and buying from you again and again
      • How to determine which marketing and media outlet is right for you
      • How to get the media to cover your business in newscasts
      • Exactly what you must do to keep buyers coming back
      • The one mistake most business owners make with coupons
      • Plus dozens of other strategies and ideas you can implement NOW!

      If you've ever wondered how we are able to run our business the way we do (we work on a pay for performance basis) the tactics we use to literally explode our client's business are listed here, you'll have your hands on the very same material we apply to dozens of clients daily.

      Look what Jay Conrad Levinson, Father of Guerrilla marketing and author of the wildly successful Guerilla Marketing books has to say about Making Marketing Work:

      Jay Levinson

      "In his brilliant 'Making Marketing Work,' Dave Lakhani doesn't make marketing simple for you, but he does make marketing certain for you. The book is as instructive and enlightening as it is warm and engaging. I highly recommend it regardless of kind of business you're in."


      I'm going to let you download a powerful 90 minute Persuasion Training Class that I did recently. In that class I opened up and answered every question on persuasion that the interviewer had for me. I agreed beforehand that this would be a no holds barred, answer any question session and I did. It is yours FREE if you order today. I don't know how long I'll keep giving this gift with the purchase, it is part of a marketing test that I'm currently conducting and I reserve the right to remove the free gift anytime and at my discretion. This gift is conservatively worth $99.00, but it is yours if you act now.

      I look forward to helping you make your marketing explode. Taking action is up to you, simply click the Add To Shopping Cart button below right now and start Making Marketing Work.

      Get Your Copy Of Making Marketing Work Now

      I look forward to your success.

      Best regards,

      Dave Lakhani




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Look what Jay Conrad Levinson, Father of Guerrilla marketing and author of the wildly successful Guerilla Marketing books has to say about Making Marketing Work:

Jay Levinson

"In his brilliant 'Making Marketing Work,' Dave Lakhani doesn't make marketing simple for you, but he does make marketing certain for you. The book is as instructive and enlightening as it is warm and engaging. I highly recommend it regardless of kind of business you're in."

"". . . Dave has skillfully demonstrated and generously shared his more than 10 years of small business development, marketing and business acceleration strategy with over 100,000 users in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Small Business Forum for more than a year . . . I heartily recommend Dave Lakhani in representing the utmost in marketing expertise." Anne Callot—Entrepreneur Magazine"

". . . Call Dave with your toughest clients or prospects in mind and he'll personally take you through the whole process step by step. Be prepared, though, for your head to spin and your mind to swim with the rapid-fire ideas that you and he will create together . . ." Roy Williams — Founder Wizard Academy and Author of "The Wizard of Ads"""

"I have been through tons of sales courses and have read hundreds of sales books, and Dave Lakhani brings a bold refreshing approach in his training. Dave has great insight into accelerating the sales cycle and getting decision makers to commit to well-identified solutions fast. I highly recommend this sales training to anyone from the most senior of sales executives to junior level salespeople." Todd Carlson — National Sales Manager for PC-PoS""

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