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Less than 10% of the businesses in the nation ever get covered by the media in a positive, client inducing way, let us help you maximize coverage fast.

  • Media Relations Strategy – Overview or development of an ongoing media program that develops you as the leader in your category, market or town.
  • Public Relations Tactics – Our team of professionals will develop and present your media releases and story ideas to the appropriate media outlets. We'll work closely with editors and writers to be sure your story is told.
  • Post Public Relations Tactics – Learn how to maximize your exposure though integrated PR and Marketing efforts that showcase your recent publicity.
  • Creating Uniqueness – Developing a unique story that you can tell that the Media will love.
  • Discovery – The process of finding those particular story hooks inside your business and your people that will get the attention you need across multiple media outlets. Development of events that can further guarantee your exposure in your market, deepening your relationship with the media and relevance to your clients.
  • Interim PR Management – Let our team of professionals become your PR department. Experience the power of implementing a consistent, creative public relations strategy.

How to achieve Profitable PR for your business

Most companies never get any coverage in the media and less than 10% of companies ever get the amount of coverage that they could have. You don’t get the coverage you deserve, you get the coverage you create.

Bold Approach focuses on getting you Profitable Public Relations, that is quite simply that coverage in the media that promotes your business, your brand, your expertise and that creates quantifiable new revenue to you. Here's a little known fact:

It doesn't matter what industry you are in, the mainstream media WANTS and NEEDS to talk to you today. And done right, that coverage translates into significant increases in your bottom line.

Most PR firms take a "pay us and we'll do all we can and see what happens" approach, but we don't believe in that. We take a pay for performance approach that says if it doesn't work, you don't pay.

Why wouldn't everyone do that?

It's simple. They don't have enough confidence in their ability to perform to be willing to tie their profitability to their performance.

Traditional PR firms are focused on trying to get your name in the media, and let me stress trying. For most firms, creating a nice press kit, predicable, boring press releases and making a few calls on your behalf easily justifies the thousands of dollars in retainers that they charge you per month. Sometimes they even get lucky and get you a media appearance, BUT THEY DON'T HAVE THE FIRST IDEA ABOUT WHAT TO DO FOR YOU TO MAKE THAT TRANSLATE TO DOLLARS TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE ONCE THEY DO. So, they simply remain happy that most business owners are happy to pay them a big upfront fee and then do what they can and churn clients as often as necessary to support their tremendous overhead.

Did you know that there are complete magazines whose main function is to cover which PR firms got which new clients and which clients are changing PR firms? Doesn't that sound insane? If what these giant firms were doing was working, why would anyone ever change?

The answer is simple, it doesn't work, but PR does and business owners know that, but they continue to roll the dice with firm after firm hoping one will finally have the results that they hoped for.

The four most commonly asked questions about Profitable PR:

Question 1 – What will Profitable PR do for my business?
When you, your product or your business shows in the media, anywhere from trade publications to Today or CNN, you are receiving an invaluable third party endorsement from the media and the person covering it. Third party endorsements have amazing credibility to viewers, listeners and readers because there is the implied belief that if it is being written about or reported on it must be true.

For you that means that more people who either didn't know of your product or service, or where unsure about what to buy, yours or the competition are now being told by someone they trust that you are the right choice. That endorsement means more sales immediately.
Question 2 – How do I get coverage? I don't think there is anything special about me.
There is only one way to get Profitable PR coverage and that is to go out and get it. You have to sell the media on why they should cover you over everyone else who is knocking at their door. You have to tell them what specifically IS different about you. We work closely with you to find your core story. Every business has something that is unique and media worthy about them. Finding what the media wants to cover about you is a matter of looking at angles, there are many facets to you, your business and your employees and by looking at your business from multiple angles, we are able to identify numerous opportunities for you to be covered.

Remember what I told you about reporters NEEDING you? That is very true, every day, reporters actively ASK for people that they can interview and cover. Why? Simple, I told you that less than 10% of the companies get all the PR they should, but what is also true is that about 10% of all companies in the United States get 90% of the media coverage. Reporters WANT to talk to someone different, they HAVE to have someone different so that it doesn't appear that they've become conduits for a particular company. Each day we receive at least 40 – 50 requests from reporters who are looking for businesses just like yours, people just like you, in industries just like yours to interview for stories that will ultimately promote your business all over the United States.
Question 3 – Isn't getting PR expensive?
If you use a traditional firm it is terribly expensive. Doing PR yourself without coaching or training is also very expensive and typically only marginally productive. But PR done right isn't expensive at all, you only pay for performance and that is exactly what Bold Approach does.

When we bring you on as a client, we not only train you how to do PR so that if you ever leave us, you know exactly what you have to do predictably and profitably in the future, but we are ONLY PAID ON PERFORMANCE. Either the work we do results in coverage or you don't pay, it is that simple.
Question 4 – Don't PR firms just take on anyone who comes to them?
Many PR firms do just that; WE DON'T. Bold Approach turns away more clients than we ever take on. The reason? We only take on clients who have the capability to grow and perform as they get covered. You must be able to accept significant increases in sales, have the staff, the budget and the facilities to grow dramatically. If not, we pass because we know that you’ll ultimately fail and we are not in the business of breaking your business, we are in the business of making businesses wildly successful.

What you can expect if you can qualify to be one of our clients:

  1. Detailed analysis of your business to find your core story and media opportunities
  2. Creation of appropriate media releases to immediately address the media in your industry to begin getting you Profitable PR coverage in vertical media.
  3. Coaching you and your team for appropriate interaction with the media when they talk to you directly.
  4. Detailed consulting on how to maximize the profitability of the coverage you receive.
  5. Development of electronic and traditional media kits.
  6. Presentation of reporter questions to you so you have an opportunity to become a recognized expert in your field.
  7. Competitive strategies for profitability maximization

If you want your business to grow profitably and get your share of PR coverage, call 208-323-2653 right now and ask to speak with Steve or Dave, we'll go through a detailed interview process that will last between 30 minutes and one hour to determine if you have the ability to prosper through PR. If you do and if we are not already representing someone else in your industry, you could be our next success story and bring in more sales as a result of your very first media coverage!

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