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Interview with Richard Laermer on How To Fame - Richard is the best selling author of Punk Marketing and Full Frontal PR, in this fast paced interview, he talks about the new fame and what it means. The day of Paris Hilton fame is gone and meaningful connection is the new fame. Learn How To Fame for maximum impact in your organization. Right click interview link and choose save link as to download mp3 to your computer.
Interview with Brandon Wright - Brandon is a radio host and founder of Ultra Clean Pro. In this interview he talks about the unique programs he's developed to get other people to pay for his marketing. It is a very interesting look at how to leverage your marketing to create big results. This is a perfect interview for any service business or retail business that needs to grow and make more sales now. Right click the link and choose save target as to download the mp3 to your computer.
Exclusive pre-release Interview with Social Media expert and founder of Gary Vaynerchuk on his new book Crush It! If you want an insight into the mind of Gary V and how he uses social media to dominate markets and grow businesses, you'll want to listen to this call! Right click the first like and choose save target as to download the mp3 to your pc.

Interview with Master Persuader, Infotainer and Pitchman, Joel Bauer - Joel Bauer and I discuss speaking, the speaking business, platform selling, closing and a multitude of other topics related to speaking. 90 minute call. This call is the call we reference in the first call, an approximately 3 hour long call that we did a couple of years ago, listen to both if you want to learn how to speak more profitably and if you want to model one of the top closers in the nation. Right click either link and choose save target as to download the mp3 to your computer.

Interview with Erica Fabian & Jamie Gamblin of on unique and profitable uses of social media for small business. This was one of my most attended calls, in fact we ran out of lines so many people tried to get on. I got more responses to this call than just about any other. This is particularly applicible to small businesses in small to mid-sized towns. Right click the Interview link above and choose "save target as" to download the call (45 Minutes)
Interview with The Mayflower Madam - Sydney Biddle Barrows Author of the book Uncensored Sales Strategies - Learn how Sydney went from one of America's most well known madam to successful business woman whose books are required reading at many MBA programs. Sydney talks about how to create amazing experiences that compel customers and much more in this expose on selling, a must listen! Right click the link above and choose "save target as" to downolad. Get Sydney's book here.
Interview with Josh Waitzkin Author of The Art of Learning Josh Waitzkin is an active the nation's leading thinker on applied learning. He is also the subject of the movie In Search of Bobby Fischer, world Push Hands martial arts champion and currently studying to compete in the very rugged Brazillian Ju Jitsu world championships. In addition he has set up a very interesting foundation to increase the learning ability of students everywhere. This is a must listen to interview. We cover everything from learning, to Jack Kerouac and RZA. Right click and chose "save target as" to download.
Roundtable Interview with Seth Godin, Dave Lakhani and John Jantsch on Seth's new book Tribes. This is a very in depth discussion of how groups form and leadership in the internet age. One of the most compelling talks I've had the the good fortune to take part in. Right click and "save target as" to download.
Interview with Dr. Kevin Hogan on The Secret Language Of Business - Many people confuse body language and non-verbal communication in their attempts to persuade. Listen in as Dr. Hogan describes the latest research on the topic of non-verbal communication and how you can profitably leverage it in all of your sales and influence activities. Right click and "save target as" to download.
Interview with Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller Authors of Gravitational Marketing with Joel Bauer. This is an amazing book and a great interview. Learn how to market during the recession and how to apply the principles of Gravitational Marketing to your business now. Some very unique insights on differentiation. Right click and "save target as" to download now.
Interview with John Klymshyn (<--right click the link to the left & save target as to save the mp3 to your pc) John Klymshyn is the author of How To Sell Without Being A Jerk. I spend nearly an hour grilling him on the latest selling techniques that work and how to sell more in a tough economy. This is a no-nonsense call with a no-nonsense sales professional who starts out each day with a 20 call burst to create sales. Listen to this one twice if you need to sell more for a living.
Interview with Chet Holmes - Chet is the Author of The Ultimate Sales Machine and former go to guy for Warren Buffet's partner Charlie Munger when he needed sales team turnaround success. Chet has worked with 60 of the Fortune 100 and is one of America's most in demand business consultants. If you want to learn to double sales in 12 months, listen to this interview now! Right Click the Interview with Chet Holmes link and choose "save target as" to download this interview to your PC now!
Interview with Kim Castle - Kim Castle is the Co-Founder of Brand U, one of the nation's most forward thinking branding firms. She reveals exactly how to create brands that get noticed and shows you how to profitably leverage your brand.
Interview with Larry Benet - Larry has been called America's Connector. During this interview, Larry will show you the most innovative networking and connecting techniques for not only reaching and partnering with anyone but for keeping them in your network for a lifetime. This is a must listen interview for every serious business builder.
Interview with Dave Lakhani - This may be one of the best interviews I've ever given on my mindset and philosphy on life, business and opportunities. The interview was done for I hope you like this as much as I enjoyed sharing the information.WARNING: I DO NOT pull many punches or sugar coat things in this interview it is me raw and open. If you really enjoy it, drop me an email at info at and let me know how it impacted you. Right click the link above and choose "save target as" to download to your computer.
Interview with Tim Ferriss - Author of The 4 Hour Work Week - This is a very in depth interview with someone who I think has codified an idea into a useable process and achievable outcome. This interview is at times both scary in terms of the ideas Tim shares and liberating when you consider the possibility. Tim reminds us to ask Why Not, often. You'll listen to this interview again and again. Right click Interview with Tim Ferriss and choose save target as to download to your computer.
Interview with Marketing Mega Rock Star Seth Godin - A rare interview with one of the best minds in business today. Seth's ideas are always cutting edge, often misunderstood and sometimes he offends. This interview on his new book The Dip will be a wild ride that opens your eyes and explodes the profitability of your business or your career. WARNING: Some of the ideas presented by Seth in this interview may make your brain explode! Listen at your own risk. Right click and choose "save target as" to download this interview to your computer.
Interview with Self Made Billionaire Bill Bartmann - From homeless to millionaire then bankrupt to billionaire, Bill Bartmann's story is as instructive as it is inspiring. If you've ever wondered how to think like a Billionaire, you need to listen in as I get inside Bill Bartmann's head. He completely answers every question I ask and holds nothing back. This is a must listen. Right click the link and choose Save Target As to download the file to your computer.
Interview with Dr. Eric Knowles - Persuasion Expert and Researcher on Resistance To Persuasion. Dr. Knowles Discussed Omega Strategies and how they help remove resistance to your persuasive efforts. Right click the link above and choose "save target as" to download to your computer.
Interview with Daniele Lima - Author of the powerful marketing book: Marketing Works - Unlocking Big Company Strategies For Small Business - Right Click the link and choose "Save Target As" to save this MP3 to your computer

Interview with Jill Lublin - Publicity Expert and Author of Guerilla Publicity - March 28th, 2006 - To Download, Right Click the link above and choose "Save Target As"

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Interview with John Klymshyn - Sales Expert and Author of Move The Sale Forward - March 2nd, 2005 - To download, Right Click the link above and choose "Save Target As"

Finally, be sure to check out my new Audio book Making Marketing Work Just click here: - To get my book Persuasion: The Art Of Getting What You Want or The Power Of An Hour Transforming Your Life Or Business In An Hour A Week, just click the link.

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