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"When I approached Bold Approach I was skeptical that they would help me promote my business, services, and products without the large upfront fees others charge. I decided to give them a go at it. Within the first week I was interviewed by Investor's Business Daily. That came with complete shock!

". . . I can say with complete assurance that a single one hour phone call was worth the full price I paid for all the work done on my project . . . Knows marketing, sales and media influence like no one else . . . Hire him now before your competitors get a chance."
Alvin McDaniel — CEO VBCNet

If you are really looking for someone that can do exactly what they say they can do, then you need look no further. Dave Lakhani can deliver exactly what he promises."
Lee Roberts
Rose Rock Design, Inc.

". . . Dave has skillfully demonstrated and generously shared his more than 10 years of small business development, marketing and business acceleration strategy with over 100,000 users in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Small Business Forum for more than a year . . . I heartily recommend Dave Lakhani in representing the utmost in marketing expertise."
Anne Callot—Entrepreneur Magazine

". . . performance far exceeds standard levels of expectations."
Jon Sandoval—Idaho State Government

". . . Your presence, probing questions, interaction with the students, as well as your critical evaluation were very helpful to me and the students . . ."
Newell Gough — Boise State University

". . . Helped me engineer an innovative business development strategy that created exponential growth in my market . . . If you haven't talked to him, you're leaving money on the table, I guarantee it!"
Andy Sharma — Midwest Manager, Indotronix International

". . . Your contribution to the Northwest Regional National Innovation Workshop in Seattle helped to make this program a success . . . I'd like to thank you for sharing your time and expertise with the idea people of the Northwest."
Ray Doering — Coordinator Washington State University & General Electric Innovation Workshop

". . . I've read several books and attended professional programs that gave great information but left me wondering how to apply it. Steve helped me develop a simple program that was customized specifically for me. I now incorporate his methodologies into my sales presentation and the results are incredible!"
Ryan Valentine, Semiconductor Sales

". . . Call Dave with your toughest clients or prospects in mind and he'll personally take you through the whole process step by step. Be prepared, though, for your head to spin and your mind to swim with the rapid-fire ideas that you and he will create together . . ."
Roy Williams — Founder Wizard Academy and Author of "The Wizard of Ads"

"I have been through tons of sales courses and have read hundreds of sales books, and Dave Lakhani brings a bold refreshing approach in his training. Dave has great insight into accelerating the sales cycle and getting decision makers to commit to well-identified solutions fast. I highly recommend this sales training to anyone from the most senior of sales executives to junior level salespeople."
Todd Carlson — National Sales Manager for PC-PoS

"Thanks for the Law's of creativity. I enjoyed it very much and I will share it with some friends and colleagues. Once again thanks for the words of wisdom . . ."
--- Alen Malaki

". . . I was enthused and engaged . . . "
--- Kathy Caruso

"Very good material. You are taking a real life approach rather than the preaching from the ivory tower combined with real world language. You reach the "judgmental" mind of us who think they already know - Thank you!
Herman Novack — Bay Ridge Group

". . . thought all of your creative suggestions were useful . . ."

This is a great idea and the way consulting should be delivered. I'm contacting these guys to see how I can apply this to my computer consulting firm. These guys are on to something!
Bill Willard - Duncan, Ok

It is great to see a company putting their money where there mouth is. Too many companies today want to be paid for incomplete and shoddy work however Bold Approach is bucking the trend. Bold Approach definitely has the right idea on performance based pay.
Ryan Valentine - Meridian, Idaho

On the mark. It's the accountability concept that prompts me to want to work with this company.
Susan Koehler - Rochester, MN USA

What a great and unique concept. I have certainly never experienced anything in my industry, and am looking into these guys further!
Carol Andrews - Houston, Texas USA

What a GREAT company whose time has come! Accountability is lacking in so many areas of today's world, it's nice to see that Bold Approach holds themselves accountable for their actions!
Nicole Wallace - Boise, Idaho, USA

I've worked with every Big 5 firm, who are good at creating hours, not necessarily results. It's typically up to the client to translate consulting into results. This way, the consultant is invested in the activities that will actually produce results, and the measurement of those results. Imagine the impact if all firms would/could work this way!
Sam - Austin, TX

I love it. Reminds me of when I was in the restaurant business. Advertising folks would call on me and tell me that they could increase my sales by some large percentage. I'd listen politely, then ask, "Have you ever eaten in my restaurant?" Inevitably, they hadn't. To which I would say, "After you've eaten here, then come call on me, and tell me what you think you can do for me." Most disappeared, some actually came to dinner and then came calling. I imagine that Mr. Lakhani and Bold Approach would have already eaten at my restaurant several times before they would ever have suggested they could help me.
Russell Friedman - Sherman Oaks, California USA

This is so fast, I need a whiplash collar. We've seen the future of consulting and its name is Dave. Anyone who insists on putting their money where their mouth is at this level deserves hearty applause. (And as a copywriter dealing largely with direct response advertising on radio, I totally understand living and dying by results.) This is a company with chutzpah. Bold Approach rocks.
Blaine Parker - Los Angeles, CA

Consultants willing to share the risk of following their advice? Incredible!
Bob Souer - Charlotte, NC, USA

The challenge here is this approach makes so much sense. And american companies are often afraid of things that make sense. But this is the way consulting should be conducted. No doubt.
Dave Salter - York, PA. USA

"Don't pay us until we make you money", is a brilliant approach.
Ryan Murphy - Los Angeles, CA

Here's a company willing to put their money where their mouth is. It would be great if everyone worked this way.
E. Walker - Los Angeles, CA

The BOLD APPROACH is putting the Performance Guarantee upfront. When their positive impact produces the win-fall, it's then BOLD APPROACH takes their cut. And justly so! It displays their confidence in their own talents and abilities. It sets a higher standard of accountablity. It's simply awesome!
Dick Taylor - Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Amazing approach, I'm pulling for these guys to change the direction of consulting.
Justin Hoch - Reno, NV

Increasing the bottom line is a challenge every company faces. If revenue increases we both win. If it doesn't we don't have to pay. It's simple, and refreshing.
Nattalie -

True accountability never happens without commitment, focus, and trust. It is refreshing to see a company led by men with the vision to make a commitment, focus on the results, and trust their employee partners with the responsibility and reward to make it happen. Bravo Mr. Lakhani, may your new business model become a virus, and may we all catch it.
Phil Stewart - Kansas City

Brilliant. In turning the compensation model around Bold Approach shifts selection to their side of the relationship. They can choose clients that they can help the most. In the traditional model consultants need to convince the client that they are worth their fee before work begins. Big firms "look" competent but big is usually not fast.
Bill Bergh - Calgary, AB, Canada

Great approach, as managers are pressed for accountability in their own job performance, they will be more cautious in selecting consultants that deliver. Others in the industry will need to look to your strategy to stay in the game.
Kathy Simpson - Arlington, VA

Dave and his team are headed for a Baldridge Award. This is capital "Q" Quality all the way. Can you imagine how big and how fast the North American economy would roll if every business followeed Dave's mantra?
Gord Leighton - Vernon, BC, Canada

It takes a Bold Approach to create the paradigm shift necessary to enable small business to trust the plethora of companies promising results. By holding themselves accountable, this Bold Approach shifts the majority of the risk to those doing the promising, breaking the trust bottle neck between small business firms and their consultants. In doing so it is my opinion this company is light years ahead of their american competition.
Jeff Burns - Sandpoint, Idaho

Excellent. Not only does Bold Approach provide accountability to something previously unaccountable, but they are pioneers on this path. There will undoubtedly be a demand for measureable results in the industry at large as a result. Finally!
Josie Celio - Diamond Springs, California

wow, a company that inspires confidance! This approach leaves no doubt they believe they can make their advice work. This is going to be a wonderful change to the consulting landscape and the client companies bottom line
mark laurie - Calgary, Canada

Talk about the ultimate transference of confidence What Dave and his team does speaks so loudly I cannot hear what they say but then again Aren't people paying for results not jabber!
Shel Jacobsen - Kelowna, B C, Canada

I wish I was a fly on the wall in their board room. The respect you deserve from getting paid on results is, to me, worth way more than the money you collect. Our country is moving into an accountability phase in business and marketing and BOLD Approach is doing just that. Way to go guys!
Mark A. Grainger- Master Mind Communication Seminars - Anchorage, Alaska, USA

"Bold" Approach is a great name for this company. "Bold, Ballsy and Obscenely Accountable" Approach would be a bit unwieldy, I imagine.
Edmo - Vancouver, BC Canada

Dave seems to have replaced the wordy, empty puffery of mission statements with blunt honesty and a healthy dose of common sense. Reminds me of Sean Connery in The Untouchables: "What are you prepared to do?"
TImothy Miles - Columbia, Missouri

Great concept and execution! I wish I could go back to all of the consultants I have hired with demands to renegotiate their bill and pay them only for their results. I imagine most of them would be paying me for the lost time and money spent on bad advice.
Todd Carlson - Jacksonville, FL

Dave probably read that great book wherein it says "A laborer is worthy of his hire". Dave has understood that it works both ways, if the laborer is not worth it, he should not be paid. It should only be thus throughout the land.
John White - Douglassville, PA US

Wow! This is the BOLDEST Approach since the idea of sealing a deal with a handshake. The "lost" concept of true accountability has been re-invented by Bold Approach.
Jim Chaplain - Paragould, Arkansas

I've worked with Dave and Steve and they go the extra mile to understand your situation and come up with solutions before even worrying about compensation. I'm excited to see the results from our working together.
Debra McCarver - Nampa Idaho

Anything Dave Lahkani endeavors will be/is successful. His drive, intelligence, and resourcefulness offers companies what they seek everyday yet rarely obtain.
Lisa De Jesus - San Diego, Ca, USA

Awesome. This is the cure for "consulting cynicism".
Steve Hallman - Birmingham, AL

Very interesting business model -- will certainly pass this along to the leaders of my firm
Ellisa - San Francisc, CA USA

Great concept. I have worked with Dave on several initiatives and his methods work!!!
Stuart Richman - CEO, Core Velocity - Los Angeles, CA

Performance based and being held accountable it the way to go. Few peeople are held accountable and geetting paid on performance make one accoutable. Great idea.
Ed Kleinman - Baltimore, MD

The future of consulting has been unveiled and this is it. If every consulting firm in America doesn't follow this lead they are doomed to failure. I hope these guys win, they are forward thinkers and they are creating the future. This has ramifications far beyond consulting, it applies to government, social programs, and so much more. The possibilities are limitless.
Tim Selander - New York City, NY

I have referred Steve and Dave to several businesses, not only are they very creative, but they do deliver the goods and this formula is one I have enormous respect for! ( along with the two of them)
Barbara Wilson - Boise, Idaho USA

Kudos to Bold Approach. It's this kind of attitude that is going to help turn the economy around!
Danielle - Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

One of the reasons I read Fast Company is because of their uncanny ability to find original thinkers and unmistakably futuristic business leaders and they've done it again. This is simply the single best business idea I've seen this year and one that I hope businesses everywhere will adopt. Keep up the good work Fast Company and thanks for bringing this idea to light!
Charles N. Wells - Pensacola, FL

Unique and interesting business plan. Incorporating "pay for performance" is a true measure that the consultant will be working "for you".
Tom Fine - Washington, D.C.

Great company!! They helped me get my company turned around.
Bob - Kimberly, ID 83341 USA

Great company!! They helped me get my company turned around.
Bob - Kimberly, ID 83341 USA

Fantastic! It's unfortunate that more businesses don't operate with this type of results-based orientation.
Pam - Juneau, Alaska

This is a remarkable new approach to performance measures that make sense for both consultant and client. It's more than a trend. I could be the wave of the future.
Anne - Juneau AK USA

What a great concept! It's about time that a consulting company puts their money where their mouth is. Accountability is always an issue with consulting firms. It's great to see Bold Approach sharing the risk with clients. That tells me they know what they're doing and can deliver results. If not, they wouldn't last a day under this model. I'll definitely be calling to learn more.
John Morgan - St. Louis, MO

These guys are trailblazers. One of the missing keys in business today is accountability, many companies complain about it and most still do nothing. For a vendor to accept accountability as the first step, right up front is phenomenal. These guys are on the edge and “Tipping” soon. I daresay they will permanently tilt the playing field. Forget Tom Peters and the rest of those guys who talk the talk from the comfort of their homes and pulpits, look at the guys that are in the arena slugging it out every day, creating something new and real, those are the guys who are building the future and it takes a Bold Approach. These guys definitely should win and should be made the poster children for doing business today. The new rallying cry for business is Accountability. I don't know where you keep coming up with trailblazers like this, but keep it up.
Jason - Bellevue, WA

After all the talk about measurement, I found it interesting that their challenge was getting clients to do it. Everyday we as business owners scream about measuring and accountability, then when great opportunity is presented balk at it. I'm thrilled to see a company finally gets it, that in spite of our inclination not to measure that they will risk with us and help us through that process until we do, that rings true to me. I really like this approach and think that these guys will be wildly successful. I'm happy to give them my vote and look forward to reading about them in Fast Company!
Stephanie Atwood - Nurnberg, Germany

This is the best idea of the new millennium when it comes to business process. These guys must be hated by their peers worldwide, but they'll change consulting forever. With a changing economy and a focus on cutting costs and increasing margins being the mantra of business for the foreseeable future, these guys will be the gurus. I wish more businesses were confident enough to deliver this way.
Korin - Kona, Hawaii USA

I've been reading your magazine since day one and Fast Company has done it again! This is the most innovative, well thought out approach to delivering measurable consulting services to date. It builds on the fundamental need for businesses to buy services where measurement is expected and compensated and the lack thereof is not. I looked at these guys website and they go a lot further than this nomination suggests in terms of guaranteeing results and achieving them. I sincerely hope these guys win, their idea has legs and their approach takes guts, something business has been missing for a while. Thanks Fast Company, reading this entry and being inspired by it made my subscription so much more worth it this year.
Jon Clark - Port Charlotte, Florida USA

What an amazing concept! It won't be long before client demand forces a pay for performance model. It's great to see a company make such a "Bold" move and pioneer the business model of the future.
Meg Felzien - Wisconsin

All I can say is I wish Bold Approach would have been doinng this 15 years ago. Keep up the good work guys! It's companies like Bold Approach that will bring the economy back.
George Williams - Nashville, TN

How do I get hold of Bold Approach? This sounds too good to be true, but I would be more than willing to give them a shot! It's about time that a consulting company holds themselves accountable!
Pierre Campeau - Canada

When I approached Bold Approach I was skeptical that they would help me promote my business, services, and products without the large upfront fees others charge. I decided to give them a go at it. Within the first week I was interviewed by Investor's Business Daily. That came with complete shock! If you are really looking for someone that can do exactly what they say they can do, then you need look no further. Dave Lakhani and Steve Watts can deliver exactly what they promise.
Lee Roberts - - Noble, OK USA

What company wouldn't go for this concept!
Andrea Shaul - Kuna Id

Great business idea
Sherri Goodier - Boise Id

I have worked with Dave and Steve. Their integrity and work ethic is excellent. They perform as they have planned.
Barry Jenkins - Boise ID

This type of approach is a long time coming. It is refreshing to see down to earth values in business once again.
Craig Rice - Boise Idaho USA

I have consulted with Mr. Lakhani closely since meeting him in 1986. He has assisted me with many business decisions which have consistantly resulted in raising my income. On several occasions he has taken me on paths which tested my comfort level, each time to my benefit and increased bottom line. Now he is electing to take on the risks and to receive compensation only for measurable increases. I admire the fortitude both he and Mr. Watts exhibit. I cannot conceive of a business that would not benefit from their knowledge and no nonsense approach to consulting. While I am highly knowledable in my field, I rely on Mr. Lakhani and Mr. Watts to exercise their skills on my behlf.
Thomas Goodier - Boise, ID

I have had the experience of working with this company and it was great. These guys stand behind there work. They have very unique and wonderful ideas.
Laurie Gepford - Boise, Idaho

A great concept! I have worked with both Dave Lakhani and Steve Watts in the past. This is not some mission statement they have on paper. They have been living this concept for years. It is great that their skills and direction can now be utilized by other companies.
John Clifton - Erie, PA

I've always considered doing this model within my own business but never had the guts to do so. I'm interested in seeing how fast this company really will grow. Why wouldn't any company want to hire them?
Amy Baxter - Erie, PA USA

Way to GO! I've been around the block a few times and have seen consultans come and go. . . I think Bold Approach is here stay!
Marcia Bain - Jackson Hole, WY

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