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Sales Team Management

Bold Approach Received A Full 7 out of 7 Customer Satisfaction Rating In The April 2003 Gartner Survey Of Sales Training Scoring Higher Than IBM, Siebel, Miller Heiman, Sandler Sales, Dale Carnegie, and Karrass!

Learn why Conventional Sales Training will NEVER work again


Designed to create a culture, skills and strategy shift in your sales organization that becomes an ongoing part of your business.

  • Thorough analysis of your current sales organization strengths and weaknesses and organizational goals.
  • Implementation of a documented sales optimization plan that gives your salespeople a system and tactics they can use as part of the overall optimization strategy.
  • Detailed testing, training and coaching follow up for all salespeople to insure deep understanding and application of the tactics in support of the new strategy. Development of measurement tools you and your Sales force will use to monitor progress and success. Interim Sales Management. One of the most cost effective ways of adding professional sales management to your team.
  • Professional Placement. When you are ready to add your next Sales Person, Account Manager, or Sales Manager, we'll assist you in finding, qualifying and hiring the best possible fit.


From entry level to highly technical sales, your team will learn how to identify and close more profitable business at a faster rate than you ever imagined. You spend a tremendous amount of time on company image and branding, but do your salespeople reflect that image and do they promote it and build on it? We'll show them how.

  • Bold Approach Selling When profits count and closes matter, there is only one approach, a Bold Approach. In three days, your team will be transformed from sales people to sales professionals capable of creating business everywhere they go. They learn about systemization, human influence and how to maximize the profitability of every customer. They'll discover how to study their clients and learn exactly what process to lead each one of them through to a successful conclusion. Though they'll leave the program motivated, this is not a rah-rah session, it is hard core tactics taught to implement strategy and produce measurable results. This is the most useful and powerful sales training you'll ever attend, we guarantee it!
  • Ramp Up A two day program designed to help people starting in sales or making a shift to sales from other areas to learn the sales cycle and how it applies in your business. This is an entry level sales training that includes an ongoing coaching component. A shorter one day version is available for everyone in your organization who comes into contact with clients.
  • Principles Of Human Influence Your salespeople don't understand these scientifically proven principles, in fact less than 1% of the salespeople and marketers in the world do. The reason is simple, this is so advanced, many would be shocked and overwhelmed by the content. The few who do understand are the rainmakers. Learn why people really buy, what truly motivates them, how their brain reacts to selling methods, and how to present material in a way congruent with your clients Influence Map. Cognitive Neuroscience holds the true keys to successful long term influence. Clients can't take action until they've first absorbed it in their mind and committed it to long term memory. Most people focus on short term memory, 90% of which is erased each night by sleep. Long term memory is chemical. You'll learn how to present cognitively to the brain in a way that creates powerful memories and associations through the use of metaphor and corollary. This is highly sensitive information and restrictions apply to whom it may be taught.
  • Sales Management Mastery We'll show you how to develop territories, set up compensation plans and organize your sales and distribution channels for maximum performance. Learn how to appropriately motivate and reward your sales professionals and how to pass on vital skills. This in depth training includes all the critical metrics you need to measure the success of your team along with ongoing coaching segment.

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